Matheran Trek via Dodhani Village Review Blog
Location : Matheran, Maharashtra, India Matheran Maharashtra

Posted By : HIKEDEN

Date of Article : 16/07/2016

Activity Type: Trekking

Difficulty/Endurance Level: I love it (Level 2)


Date of Trek : 27th Sept, 2015
Route Taken: (Ex-Mumbai) Andheri, Eastern express highway, Sion Panvel Highway, Panvel, Dudhani Village. 
Distance from Andheri to Dudhani: 68 kms.
Must carry: Water bottles - 2 litres per person
Approximate trekking time (one way): 2 hours
It is difficult to wake at 5 am in the morning especially when you've had a long and tiring day before. But the excitement got the better of the tiredness of Anik and Anuj. They raised themselves in the morning, got ready, put on their shoes, glares and the bandana and left at 5.30am. As planned they drove to AJs house first from Goregaon, parked the car and took out his bike. (Anuj says bikes are always more fun than cars on such excursions. Anik couldn't agree
more). So at exactly 5.52 am they left for their destination. 

#1. Their plan was to reach Dodhani village from where there is way from the mountains that takes you to Matheran directly. Apparently a large part of the local population settled around this village goes to Matheran daily for work climbing this very mountain. From Panvel after asking the locals they reached the foothills from where the trek had to begin. 

#2. So they we were inside Dodhani village at the Dodhani temple the point from where the Trek starts. Its amazing how just on the outskirts of Mumbai you find such places that look as if you've reached a hinterland. It was beautiful all around Anik filled his pockets with some chewing gums from a nearby shop and now they were ready to start their trek.

#3. It was 7.15 am and on asking the locals they were told there are 2 ways to the top, one easier but longer and the other little shorter but tougher. Of course they chose tougher one. So just to set the record straight, they started the trek from the tougher way at 7.15 am. 

#4. It was a beautiful morning with mountains, small farms, hutments on your way up initially, however about 10 minutes into the  ascend they felt like they are in no man's land with only dense green mountain ranges with some visible waterfalls in between and a beautiful stream of water flowing along their way for some time. 

#5. Their shoes got drenched while crossing the water stream so now they had to trek with pair of wet shoes and socks (not the best of feeling). Going a little farther, the water stream is left behind you, now it’s only the mountains and its plant life for company apart from each other’s of course. 

#6. Its pretty easy a trek as such for the first hour or so. However it gets a little steep and rocky towards the middle and end. There come times on the way when you feel you are going the wrong way and you feel like you've lost your way and what compounds the situation is that by now you're feeling a little tired and wondering why you've still not reached. 

#7. But they kept going further and by around 9.00am they saw a local couple coming down from the opposite side. They asked them if this was the way to Matheran and they said yes. Oh what a relief!!!!!!!!!!. On asking how much is left, their response was it is almost done and they were there in 5 minutes. 

#8. YESSSS......they were there. 5 more minutes and they reached the MONKEY point in Matheran. 

#9. From there they went towards the Matheran Market which is another 10-15 minutes walk. There are many small shops which serve food. So they had their missals and omlettes. Missed the essential magi & relaxed a bit.

#10. They then started for SUNSET point. They reached SUNSET point in about 30 mins. 

#11. Finally, they started their final descent at 10.30 am from SUNSET point. This was the easier but longer of the ways which they were told by villagers in the morning. They purposely chose to come down from this route so that they get to know both routes. 

#12. Now getting down was a cakewalk though they were tired as hell and the knees were paining. The descent was not only easier but also faster. So in about 45 minutes, they were almost there... may be about 10 minutes from reaching the starting point. 

#13. Now at this point Anik was getting bored of walking on the trail and told Anuj “lets go off route, stop following the trail and go down making our own way.” Anuj being Anuj always up for a challenge agreed and they got off the trail and walked through the grassy land based on their own navigational skills. The result being obviously they lost the path went on the other side of the mountains. Now as they realised this they stopped and asked for directions from a villager from the small fields and finally came back on track. 

#14. After this detour and then coming back and walking the trail, they finally reached the base starting point at 12.15pm. Took their bike and returned home from their 3rd jointly planned successful executed trek. 

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