Sanjay Gandhi National Park & Kanheri Caves Review Blog
Location : Sanjay Gandhi National Park & Kanheri Caves Mumbai Maharashtra

Posted By : HIKEDEN

Date of Article : 10/01/2017

Activity Type: Photography, Nature Walk, Cycling, Wildlife Safari, Trekking

Difficulty/Endurance Level: Fun (Level 1)


National Park Gates Open at 7.30am
Main Entry point: Western Express Highway outside the Borvali Station East.
Kanheri Caves Entry Starts at 9am
Distance from SGNP main gate to Kanheri Caves entrance is 7 kms.
Entry carges National Park:
145 for car and 44 per person Bikes are chargable too.
Activities to do: Visit Kanheri Caves, other things like Safari, Train joy ride, etc. are also there. 
Brief Background: 

Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP) or simply the national park as its commonly know is the lungs of Mumbai. Its no less a wonder that a National Park is located in a heart of a metro city like Mumbai. Infact its probably the largest parknto be located within a city (Reason enough to viait once atleast).

The park is a bustling forest, its home to a number of endangered species of flora and fauna. The park is also home to a small population of leopards. Many Munbaikars come here daily for thier morning walks, jogs and cycle rides. 
We are here covering the main and most commonly used stretch of the national park from the entrance that leads to the Kanheri Caves.

It was a Sunday morning and we reached the entrance point at sharp 7am. There was a large crowd gathered otuside the gates waiting for them to open. As  and as soon as the gates opened at 7.30am and the gates opened the entire crowd rushed to the ticket counter in order to be ahead in the line to get the tickets. 
The park also gives cycles on rent but its limited stock and gets over soon unless you are ahead in the line.
So theres a different line for individuals with and without vehicals. So make  you are standing in the right line. 
7.45am We started walking towards Kanheri Caves after parking our vehicles. Its a well made tar road and the distance from here to the caves is about 7kms. The entire stretch is very beautiful with the trees on both sides of the road of the road forming a canopy.

You come across  a many beautiful points and sites on your way including a lake under a small bridge. You will also find road side vendors once in a while selling food and water.
The road at the end is very steep we reached the entrance of the Kanheri caves at 9am which is also the time when thebgates open. There an entry ticket of Rs. 15 each.
But once you get inside you are in a different world altogether which 2500 years ago. This is the Kanheri Caves. About 109/110 buddhist caves built out of a single basaltic rock. Observe the beautiful carvings, the architecture tye attention the detail and what these caves tell you about culture of civilisation which existed 2500 ago. 
Roaming around the caves and reaching thentop of the mountain becomes a mini trek for you and the view from the top is worth the effort you take in reaching up there. And in the monsoons its just magical.

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