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Location : Visapur Lohagiri Base Village Maharashtra

Posted By : HIKEDEN

Date of Article : 29/07/2016

Activity Type: Trekking

Difficulty/Endurance Level: I love it (Level 2)


Date of Trek: 28 Nov, 2015
Distance from Malavali Station to Visapur: Appx. 6-8 kms 
Train: Catch a train to Malavali Station (from Pune or Lonavala) and walk around 6 kms. 
Car / Bike: See a map on GPS. It is around 20 minutes from New Mumbai Express way.
Rank of toughness (from 1easiest to 5 toughest) – 2
Must carry: Water bottles - 2 litres per person(minimum)
Approximate trekking time (One way): 1 hours (maximum)(Descend will always take lessor time than ascend)
Terrain: Rocky. Could be watery and slippery during monsoons but dry during other seasons. 
Visapur is located in Pune district and has an elevation of 1084 meters above sea level with close proximity to Lohagad. On 4 March 1818, Visapur was attacked and occupied by the British.
Making use of its higher elevation and proximity to Lohagad, the British troops set up their cannons on Visapur and bombarded Lohagad, forcing the Marathas to flee. Thus, in 1818, Lohagad-Visapur was taken over by the British in 1818 AD and placed under the command of a Colonel Prother. Considering, the strategic importance of Visapur,
both the north (Konkan) and the south (Deccan) gateways were blown up, and except a few huts, nothing was left standing. In contrast, most of Lohagad fort is still intact.
Visapur Fort is larger and at a higher elevation than its twin fort- Lohagad. Within the fort are caves, cisterns of water, a decorated arch and old houses. These two roofless buildings surrounded by outer or veranda walls said to have once been Government offices.
Team: Anik & Anuj (Team HIKEDEN)
Time: 9:30 am. Initially the plan was to go with a group of other novice trekkers to Lohgad fort which was to start at 9:30 am. However the other group got late. The Hikeden team waited till 10:30 am and finally decided to go on their own for another trek called as Visapur.
Visapur is about 1.5kms from the foot of Lohgad Fort. In 10 minutes, you reach a shop(stall) from where you have to turn right towards a trail (kachha raasta) in the direction of the Visapur Fort.
After you walk for about 10 mins you see a small hut/stall on your right, cross that and walk further for about 5 more mins to to find two more stalls here. At this point the way gets divided in two, take left. After taking left walk 10 steps and there is a stone pointing towards top left inside the woods. Take that route(critical point dont miss it) for once you'll feel like you've gone off the trail. However this is right track, keep going further through this narrow trail with dense green cover. You will find small arrow shaped metal boards (around 4 or 5) on your way with "Visapurkade" written on them in Marathi to assure you that you are on the correct path. You will find monkeys on this way. After walking for about 10 mins you reach a point where there is small cave like structure with water filled on your left. The water didnt seem potable. Go straight and the way from here is through a water fall. It was rocky but dry however during monsoons, it will be slippery. Be careful. The team also spotted a snake in between the rocks. In around 20 minutes from here, one will reach on top. It is a huge land mass and you will easily recognise it was a fort once upon a time. Once you reach the top you will see "Lohagad Kade" written in Marathi as this is the Lohagad side way to the fort. The top is a big plateau and you can see more or less the entire place from one end to the other. On the right there are some fort walls and at the end point there is a flag. On the left there are some remians of the fort. You can see and arch which looks like an "aate ka chakkee" and also a few water cisterns. Near the arch they found a snake skin. On the left end of this plateau theres a beautiful and long boundary wall of the fort. From both ends of this plateau of Visapur Fort you get an excellent view of the Lohagad fort.
The HIKEDEN team visited the entire place in around an hour and finally started their descent. 
On the way back, after reaching
the shop at the starting point, do remember to have KOKAM SHARBAT. 
All in all its a short trek with medium difficulty level but its beautiful & historic. From here you can see entire city.

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