Kalavantindurg (via Prabalmachi) Trek Review Blog
Location : Kalavantin Durg Machiprabal, Maharashtra

Posted By : HIKEDEN

Date of Article : 29/07/2016

Activity Type: Trekking

Difficulty/Endurance Level: I love it (Level 2)


Date of Trek: 15th Nov, 2015
Distance from Mankhurd to Prabalmachi: 50 kms.
Route: Mankhurd Junction off. Eastern Express Highway, Sion Panvel Highway, Panvel, Old Mumbai Pune National Highway, Shedung Village, Thakurvadi Village. (Mumbai Pune Expressway is a better route from Mumbai). Search for Prabalmachi on Google Maps & it will take you right to the starting point.
Must carry: Water bottles - 2 litres per person(minimum)
Approximate trekking time (one way): 2 hours


Anik & Anuj had already done the Prabalgarh Fort trek a few weeks back. But another peak of the same Prabalmachi Mountain Range was left. The Kalavantindurg! This peak is visible from the top of the Prabalgarh Fort and it’s beautiful. HikeDen thinks that this view is one of the major reasons which has made the Prabagarh Fort trek so famous. 

So Anik & Anuj decided to go for the Kalavantindurg along with a new member: Manan (he came with them for the first time).
Time: 4.50 am - They met at the Mankhurd junction off the Eastern Express Highway and left from there for the old Mumbai Pune National Highway. (Note: Instead of taking the Old Highway its better to take the Mumbai Pune Expressway and take the exit for Shedung. After the Shedung exit you will get a toll booth. After that you will come on the Old highway and immediately on the corner of the road is a left turn for Shedung Village.)
Time: 5.40 am - They reached the junction on the old Mumbai Pune National Highway from where you take a left for Shedung Village which takes you to Thakurwadi village (about 5-7 kms from the left turn of Shedung village). This is the place from where the Trek starts. 
At 6 am, they reached the starting point. (Note: After taking the left for Shedung village towards Thakurvadi village keep asking the locals for directions to Thakurwadi village/Prabalgarh Fort. And just before the Thakurvadi village starts there is a left turn that will take you to the starting point.)
Time: 6.15 am - They started their ascend. It was a little dark as the sun had not risen but the way was visible. BTW if there is a nature call, this is the best time to ease your pressures. Also, the way was familiar as they had already done the Prabalgarh Fort trek earlier. In about 15-20 minutes, the twilight gave way to the sunrise and they could see the beautiful landscape around them. On the way after about half an hour or so there is a small stall that sells refreshing Nimbu Paani (although it was closed as it was early morning). This point is filled with clouds (and mosquitoes) if you go during the monsoon. (so if you are going in monsoons, please carry Mosquito - Repellent creams and also wear full clothes)
After about 15 more minutes there is another stall offering Nimbu Paani (which again was closed for the same reason). Five minutes from this stall there is a point where there is a small hotel which serves food and offers accommodation. This point has a beautiful scenic view and the team could see a lot of people here and many tents placed, which meant apart from the people staying at the hotel, a big group had camped there in the night.
About 10 mins from here there is a small Village from where the way to Prabalgarh and Kalavantin durg splits. One can ask the locals and they will guide for the route. There are some small restaurants (one of them was called as a Mahalaxmi Hotel) which are run by locals. You can get a rice plate or chicken, tea and coffee here. As the team did not want to have any breakfast so early and also because they had carried Maggi packets and so they moved on. From here on the trek gets steep and rocky. . Also towards the end there is a cliff on which stairs have been made. This last patch is for around 15 minutes.
Time: 8.15 am - Team reached the Kalavantin Durg peak! It was Beautiful to say the least. Its so windy out there you feel the wind would take you away with itself. The feeling on reaching the top is Exhilarating! They sat there relaxed and clicked a few pics. 
After all that they lit a small fire and cooked Maggi after collecting some dry woods. Now that was fun and filling. Some locals had instructed them that be careful with fire, as it might spread(and rightly so – you don’t want to be harming the very surrounding that you go to enjoy).
Time: 9.30am – The Team started their descend. While descending one has to be careful on the stairs on the cliff as one slip and the person is gone (especially in the monsoons). 
After about half hour or so the descent gets easy & it isn’t too much of trouble till the end. 
Time: 11.05am - Team returned to the starting point. HikeDen says this is must place if you like scenic beauty and adventure together.

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