Gorakhgad Fort Trek Review Blog
Location : Gorakhgad Fort Dehri Village Maharashtra

Posted By : HIKEDEN

Date of Article : 29/07/2016

Activity Type: Caving, Trekking, Camping

Difficulty/Endurance Level: Difficult So What (Level 3)


Duration: 1 Night + 1 Day 
Place: Gorakhgad Fort
Date of Activity: 19th & 20th Nov, 2015
Date: Dehri
District: Thane
Distance from (Dadar in Mumbai to Starting Point): 100 - 120 kms.
Mode of Travel Taken: Public Transport 
Route: Dadar - Kalyan Station (via Local Train), Kalyan - Murbad - Dehri (via State Transport Bus). 
Rank of toughness (from 1 easiest to 5 toughest): 3 (Due to Night Trek)
Must carry: Water bottles - 3 litres per person (minimum)
Approximate trekking time (Ascend): 2 - 2.5 hours (In Night)
Approximate trekking time (Descend): 1 - 1.5 hours
Team (Names of People on Trek): Team Hikeden along with Bhramanti365 Trekking Group)
Height of Peak: Approx 2150ft (Above Sea Level)

Background (About the Place): 
Fort Gorakhgad is quite small in size. It had strategic importance during the reign of Shahaji Raje. However, no major battle is recorded to have taken place here. It was used in Shivaji’s era to patrol the nearby region and was used as a stopover station during the journey to Junnar via Naneghat. Though small in size, there is enough availability water and a lot of space for accommodation. The fort gets its name from Saint Gorakhnath, who performed his “Sadhana” in this place.
Gorakhgad attracts trekkers due to its inviting pinnacle This region of Gorakhgad and Machhindragad has a dense forest cover. Gorakhgad is a small fort at Dehri village near Murbad. Named after Saint Goraknath, the fort is at a height of 2150 ft above sea level.

So this time the Hikeden Team decided to go for a Night Trek along with a Trekking group called Bhramanti just for the experience.
Time: 11pm - We took a ST bus from Kalyan Bus depot for Murbad from where we took another bus for Dehri. Kalyan to Murbad took around 1hr and same for Murbad to Dehri.
Time: 1 am - We reached Dehri. The group was about 35-40 people. It was pitch dark. We all removed our torches had quick round of introductions, the group leader Amey gave some instructions and we were ready to start.
Time: 1.50 am - The group started walking towards the starting point which is 2mins form the point where the bus drops you. Theres a temple at the starting point. Night time chill in the air it was nice to trek. The only vision you have is the light of your torch and a little bit of the guy in front of you that's it. What a Thrill. Right! Note torches are a must in night treks and make sure these are powerful ones. The group of 35 odd people we walking the trail in a line at a steady pace. However we had to make a few stops as some people in the group were slow and we waited till they caught up. After walking with the group for about an hour with a few stops team Hikeden with a few other people in the group decided to go further as a separate batch as the they felt the group was moving
too slow. The way further was easy except for some small steep patches. After about 15mins they reached a point where there is a small Shiva temple. From here the way goes straight as well as towards the left. We waited here for about 15mins as we weren't sure of the way. After a few calls to the group leader we were told that for Gorakhgad Fort you have to take the left. So we took left. From hereon the way gets steep and rocky. One has to be careful more so because it was dark.
Time: 4.15 am - After going on for about 45mins team Hikeden reached the point where there caves. This is the point where we stayed for the night. Again it was pitch dark where you cant see anything beyond your torch light but the best thing to do is to turn off your torches lie down beneath the night sky and star gaze. What a sight!
Time: 7.45 am - In the morning we all started further to complete our ascend of a small but very tricky part. This last part after caves is dangerous. Its completely rock climbing and risky, especially
monsoons would be very dangerous.
Time: 8.15 am - We reached the top of the Gorakhgad fort. And again the first thing we see is guess what - Yes another small Temple. Unlike other peaks in the area like Mahuli, Prabalgad etc. Gorakhgad is a small patch of land at the top.
Time: 9.10am - We started our descend with the group. It took about 1hour to reach the caves point as the people ahead were taking a lot of time in getting down the tricky patch. An experienced
trekker shouldn't take more than 15-20mins to get down and reach the caves (monsoons could be much more difficult of course).
Time: 10.10am - From hereon again team Hikeden with a few others started their descent separately. All those rock climbing patches that appeared difficult in the night were pretty manageable in the day time.
Time: 11.05am - The team reached the starting point the temple. Went to the bus stop and took an ST bus for Murbad (1 hour frequency). From Murbad to Kalyan also the bus frequency is
very good. We were told a bus leaves for Kalyan every 15mins. All in all Gorakhgad is a good trek with Medium difficulty level.

Important Suggestions: 
Beware of Monkeys near the caves they will come for your food in the Morning. A stick would come in very handy for that. 
Considering the availability of the caves to sleep, do this one in the night. Reccomended that you do this with an experinced guide or a good trekking group as there are some patches for which you might need help.

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